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No contracts

To simplify the process for our paid packages, you pay upfront for the month. You can cancel anytime up to the last day of the month. Our free package is featured rich, and allows you to create a great profile online. The best part is that it is absolutely Free....forever!

Great Customer Service

We know every service provider claims that, but we actually pride ourselves on delivering daily on that statement.

Self Service Marketing Tools

Our paid for packages allows you to manage you own marketing campaigns. At anytime during the month you can create a Banner, Article, Promotion Deal or an Event.

Continuous Improvements

We have some great ideas with our platforms, and there are some fantastic features coming soon. If you have any suggestions, you are more than welcome to get in touch with us.


Do I Need To Register An Account If I'm Just A Customer?

No, your are more than welcome to just browse our directory. However, by registering an account, you have additional benefits e.g. create your own profile, post projects, rate businesses, receive special promotions, grow the community etc...

How Much Does It Cost To List My Project

Not a cent... well, that is not true. We actually hope you will be kind enough to rate the work delivered once the project is complete.

Explain Your Free Membership Package

The Free Membership Package is for any business or service provider that needs more exposure or quality leads. The membership package has alot of features which can improve your online presence. There are no hidden cost, register your account for free and reap the benefits.

How Much Does It Cost To Quote On A Projects

It is absolutely free for all memberships.

How Easy Is It To Upgrade My Membership Package

Extremely easy...
1) Select the package your want to upgrade to.
2) Pay by Credit Card or EFT.
3) Features are unlocked immediately.

How Easy Is It To Down-grade My Membership Package

Extremely easy...
1) Select the package your want to downgrade to.
2) The new membership becomes active first day of the new month.

Can I Get A Refund

Sure, if we really cannot provide your business with any value then you have the right to ask for your money back.